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A Convincing Analogy of Salvation

 Life is simple. If you want to understand it easily then there is only one analogy. We are all forced into a synchronised diving competition. If we mimic the movements of our partner to the fullest then we receive a reward at the end. To add a little more suspense to the story there are two rewards and two partners to choose to mimic.

All human beings are forced into a synchronised diving competition at birth. Image courtesy of 1stdibs.

There is a diver on our left and a diver on our right. The diver on our left has no tricks, no new improvements, no clear rhythm. He simply dives back first into the pool and at such an angle that might break bones seeing as the pool if very far away. The second diver puts great movement to his routine and many new tricks and lands in the safest way possible. They both step forward and it is up to you to mimic them.

Only problem is, you have no idea what type of dives they are doing. They both get one minute to explain their routine to you. The one’s on the left seems to make more sense so you go with it. A splash and a ringing bell starts all three divers off. Sure enough at the bottom, at the end of your routine, you have successfully imitated the diver on the left and broken you back bone.

Both you and the diver on the left break your backs after a successful dive.

The reward is not all to cheery too. Both you and the diver, having broken backs and having done nothing impressive through the whole routine, are sentenced away from the competition forever. You can never regain the glory of the Olympic world. You are forever cast out. The dive also paralysed you both from the neck down and there is only a lifetime bound to the hospital bed waiting for you.

As you are being carried away you linger to hear the reward of the other diver. The one who was on your right. Because of how impressive his moves were he can ask for anything in the world he wants. The gold, the power, anything. Suddenly and without you expecting it, he turns to look at you. He claims that the one thing he wants, out of pity for you, is to give you another chance to dive.

The diver on the right’s brilliance gives him the reward of anything he wants. He chooses to give you a second chance. Image courtesy of 1stdibs.

You cannot believe your ears. Tears flood and spill endlessly as you are brought back before the judges. They ask you if you are willing to give it another try. The tears stop then as you consider yourself and say, “My body is too broken and I am paralysed. The last thing I can do is dive, especially in unison with the brilliance demonstrated by him.” Everyone nods their head in agreement. You hear the diver on your left also calling you out and saying you can’t really do it.

But the winner turns to the judges and says again, “If it is possible. Let him come up with me once you double the height of my board. When we get to the top, I will jump alone and  whatever score I get will be his score.” There is a gasp from the audience especially from the second diver who now regrets the pathetic dive he gave. The judge however says, “If this is to be accepted, and because it is your action and not his, I will only accept it if the record is in your name and not his. He will however receive the reward.”

Now everyone turns to you. You have a chance of glory but not in your name but the name of the diver on the right who so mercifully gave you a second chance.

Gold Medal
A second chance but the glory will not be yours, only the reward.

This is where the crossroads come in life. The diver on the left calls out and says he should be given a similar chance even though he started out in the same position as the diver on the right. It cannot be done seeing as he also was an instructor. Some choose still to listen to him. Others see the double triumph and feet to be perfomed and imagine what it would be like to have their name under such a feet . They cannot accept the help if their name is not attached to the win. Yet another is so relieved for the opportunity to be still among the Olympic family that he cares nothing for whose name will be up in heights.

This last pair are taken to the very top together. When you look down at a frightening double height that the right diver has to make for your sake, this is also a chance to understand more. Some do. Many don’t. The man jumps regardless and you receive the same reward but under his name. Anything you want and it is yours.

The diver jumps for your sake and under his name anything you want and it is yours.

This is life and salvation in a nutshell. The left diver being the devil who guides us to a life of regret, evil and hopelessness. The right diver being Christ who gives a chance at true life if we are only willing to be humble and learn His ways.


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Lowly Saviour

Life is so much better,

When God is here.

Life is so much better,

When you know He cares.

Who can doubt the endless splendour,

Of a saviour that is near.


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A promise

I will stand upon the shore

I will walk in the fields of Zion.

I will come through a mighty door.

And my eyes will see the face of Christ.

Not for my worth or method.

But that God is faithful and Christ is our Salvation.

Isaiah 43:25

25 I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.

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Never was I the favoured son.

Never was I a holy one.

I became what God could endure.

I became what He could cure.

And He did call me. He did save me.

The sin that hurt me greatly taught me.

Isaiah 43:1

But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.


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Son of God or Son of man

Who is Jesus?

I was having a conversation about this topic recently. It was heated debate as we desperately struggled to understand the bible.

Someone asked me why it matters that Jesus was born the way He was. The point they wanted to pass across was that it didn’t matter, that Jesus was just Jesus. But after a while the words ‘Son of God’ and ‘Son of Man’ started to plague our conversation. I will try to explain the conclusion we came to as best I can; a biblical conclusion. You can comment and add your own thoughts.

The Son of Man are us, born of Adam. The sin of Adam was a long reaching sin because of authority. Jesus said that, “Don’t you know who you place yourself to obey you are servants of.” A servant, when they choose to obey one master, they must serve that master for eternity. Therefore when Adam and Eve sinned they forsook God as their master and set the devil as their master. Therefore, since servants can only go as the master leads, all men were led to sin and continue in sin. Therefore a son of man is us, fallen man who are susceptible to sin.

The Son of God would therefore be born of God, a true child of God. That means that they are likewise only servants of God, and not susceptible to sin. In Jesus’ case it also means that He is not of the seed of Adam or born of man. Therefore Joseph, his earthly father, did not sire Jesus but instead He was born of a miracle, only through the mother. Before you start thinking of conception in terms of our understanding, stop. It was not an act involving anything that we know. Like Adam was created without man or woman, Jesus was born only through woman. This makes Him a true Son of God for he wasn’t born of Adam and never sinned.

But Jesus calls Himself severally the Son of man. Does this mean He sinned? Never. What He means is that He took the lowest nature in the universe. He became as ‘fallen man’ so that He may heal our nature. There was nothing that separated Him from the sinful flesh we have now. He was tempted upon all points that we are tempted; hunger, pain, misery, lust, desires, selfishness, arrogance. All these evils are part of our fallen nature but unlike us Jesus is a true Son of God, God Himself; He could not sin. He faced every temptation the devil threw His way with faith in God and obedience to His father.

This means that Jesus is both the Son of Man and Son of God. As son of man, he took up our nature, our very flesh and came as low as we are born so that He may be one with us and understand us. As Son of God, He was free from sin and couldn’t sin therefore His sacrifice was sure. That’s amazing love, once you understand it all. Such great love that God had for us that He gave his only son so that whoever may believe in Jesus may not perish but have everlasting life.

IN case you are wondering, Jesus didn’t come to existence when he was miraculously made a man. Jesus is God. He was there at the creation of our world and as long as God existed. He is the I AM, Jehovah, and the great LORD of hosts. The creator of this world paid the ultimate price of becoming like fallen man so that He could save us with righteousness.

Be Saved.

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Something strange happened to me on Saturday 31st March. I made a horrendous typo that gave me the word ITSHALU. I was going to write It Shall but ended up laughing at the strangeness of it. While correcting the simple mistake, something told me to search for the meaning of the word ‘Itshalu.’ I did, expecting Google to be as surprised as I was; but then it brought results for Shalu.

Now, I was writing a bible study, as I’m fond of doing, and I was looking at the true church of God. The meaning therefore of the word Shalu truly shocked me. Shalu is a name for a girl, which fits because the true church is represented as a woman. Other meanings of the word is an Old Ancient Cloth, Calm, Beautiful and Variant or having no variations. Wow! That’s basically the true church of God.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 16.58.50

An Old Ancient Cloth: God is called the Ancient of Days in the bible and righteousness is presented as a white clothing.

Calm and Beautiful: One of the greatest marks of a Christian is a pleasant calm character.

Variant: Definitely, because the church of God cannot be spoiled by any false teaching, action or misconception. Therefore it should stand apart and unique and easy to identify among all the other religions.

I was shocked to say the truth. It might be just a  random, very random, thing but it blessed my heart. God speaks in many strange ways and coincidences are not always just that. Therefore, find the time, be humble and get to know the true God no matter what you may think now. There is something to be lost and something to be gained; True Peace.

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In Secret I said Nothing

John 18:20

Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.

This struck me rather simply as a sign of the true religion. I had asked my self if all the secret groups and religions may have more wisdom than I know. This was back when I was largely uncertain about what was true and what I should believe in. Then I realised that no. There is no truth in secrecy. There is no truth in varied importance. Something that is truly true should be open to all, possible for all and for the good of all. Only Christ ever presented such a religion when he said, “I spoke openly to the world.”

Be blessed.

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The Expected Future

Numbers 14:21

But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD.


The most powerful thing I ever read in the bible is this one verse. God declares that as truly as He lives all the world will be filled with His glory. The glory of the LORD is like His Character, His Merits, His Mercy, His Wisdom and Knowledge. That means that there will never be sorrow, sadness, sin and evil imaginings ever again upon the world. What’s more shocking is when God said this.

The Israelites had just reached the shore, if you will. Just one more thing left to do to get into the promised land. They must go to war. But their hearts fall for fear and only two men, out of 12, come back with the report that they can actually take the land. This is the last and final murmuring the Israelites have before God makes the decision that none of that generation will ever see the promised land. Why? Because at the eve of their greatest victory they yet doubted God. They have seen all his miracles since Egypt and yet ten times they doubted Him (verse 22). It’s interesting that there are also ten commandments.

This tenth time God declares once and for all that the generation will not enter the promised land but not before He declares the future that is to come, the real promised land. ‘As truly as’ He lives, ‘all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD.’ Therefore it doesn’t matter what happens on both sides; whether like the 20% you believe in God while all the world doubts, one thing is certain, God’s end is expected. This world of sorrow and sin will end and God Himself alone, will bring about an eternity of peace and knowledge.

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Our Strength

Isaiah 26:4

Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.


Mankind is beaten,


Boiled down increasingly.

There is no strength in his arm,

Nor that of his brother.

We are all together fallen.

But for Christ,

We find our strength.

We find our salvation.

There is nothing too hard for the Savior.

Those who with Him are united,

Have everlasting strength.