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God is a God of Honour

I stumbled upon an answer that I had been desperately searching for in my study of bible truths. My struggle was focused on why women can’t be pastors. I must confess that as a young christian I was excited for the opportunity to one day preach as a pastor. I envisioned myself in that role with a touch of joy, hope and a little pride. It would have been fascinating to share my faith and understanding with many more people, so much so that I actually looked forward to the opportunity. Prayers formed in my lips to God that if he gave me a platform, I would happily speak his word. That was until I learnt that women cannot be pastors and then I faced this with great doubt and lack of understanding. Why? I wondered. Why can’t women preach?

Many days I decided to take God at His word even though He was yet to give me understanding. I said that, ‘if God thinks it is right then I will believe in and live by it’. I was willing to accept it simply because they were words of the bible and actions God Himself set in place through history. It was still hard because soon I started to wonder what I could do. Could I teach? Could I evangelise? Could I even hold a discussion? I also started to wonder if there was something fundamentally wrong with me as a woman. Could I be trusted? Was I clever enough? Am I like Eve, capable of misleading? Am I still under a curse as a woman? In truth I still haven’t answered all these questions but God inspired me with a thought.

He is a God of honour! A spark hit when I remembered that God keeps true to His words and His promises and His plans and for His sake, and ours, He remains faithful. The man was put in that position first. Adam was told before Eve, he was to take responsibility for the relationship of mankind towards honouring God’s words. Both man and woman are same, but man was given that task before all else. God is faithful to this and He desires to have men with the heart that he built them for. That they be the bridge to honouring God and keeping God’s word. Through truth, love, kindness, humility and devotion they should be the leaders guiding all else because God honours His design.

Then I started seeing how loving God is to all, even me as a woman. The woman is in no way left out in the service and purpose of God. More so, we are a great representation of a perfect family striving, through the man, towards God’s heart. We give the heart its purpose and emphasis the love that God has for all. If a man can learn to love a woman whole heartedly with self-sacrifice and love, we get closer to understanding God’s own love for us. I see myself not as less because of this one fact but actually empowered by it. God is teaching us something very important about his character through man and woman existing together. Genesis 1:27 comes to mind, ‘So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.’ We are on this earth to learn to love and learn to live and a great way is by understanding God’s image which is clearly presented in the union of man and woman. That is why it is even doubly important for man to marry one wife and vice versa. And even more important that man marries woman and not man or woman woman.

God is God of honour and He has laid the world together with the dear aim of our rescue from our fallen nature to the path of peace with HIm. It is a journey of understanding and intelligence that can only be achieved by fearing God enough to humble ourselves and learn. There is much more He will teach us and much more understanding we will gain, but step by step He ensures that we came out of the experience free. Children of freedom! Free from sin and the persuasion to sin. So, as hard as it may be to accept without understanding, God is mightily right and good. I would rather learn from God than self.

There is still a lot more to understand of course. The bible is constantly unwinding itself giving us more and more wisdom if we become more and more humble. But I have come to the conclusion that HE is right! He is our shepherd leading us to life giving waters!