The road of life is long and full of hardships. Then one day you discover that you have been living your life one way and you must change and live it another. I put both those lives on a scale and reasoned to see what was ‘good’. Is it good that people die and are doomed to die forever? Is it good that there will never be equality in the world? Is it good that some thrive in secrecy and others have no chance for a better life? No! Then what is the point of life if there is no good? I searched for the good until I discovered Jesus. Then my search was over. He is all good and all truth and that is what I need, that is what we need. In Jesus I see a perfection of the world and all that in there is. In Jesus I see an equality for all and a chance for all to live the perfect life. In Jesus I see true wisdom that does not hide or give falsehoods but with Humility and Love embraces all. In Jesus I see life.

And it is for that life that me, a self confessed lover of literature, have started searching for understanding. When I discovered truth on the Letters to the Churches, I couldn’t help but write about it and share with the world. After all, Jesus calls us to spread the word so that more people can be saved. So this is what I can do now, write and invite discussion and reasoning from all people.

Share your opinions whether bad or good and let us start to understand the ‘good’ of the world. Let us start to understand Gods word. I will respond to every comment with discussion and by pointing out my true thoughts.

Thank You!